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About the Vision

When Moses and Sephora Garcia first began attending Eagle Rock, they knew that there was a calling to be a part of this body. They are honored to serve, to minister and be a part of what God is actively doing in this house.

The Garcias are from Bronx, New York. There they served in similar ministries writing and directing drama performed both the Hispanic and American churches, for outreach and in house ministry.  Being involved on both communities has helped them grow in the area of drama. Because it is something they enjoy, they have continued to grow and improve with time. Dance was slightly different; there were differences in views on the subject between the Spanish and American churches. However, God is challenging them to bring praise and worship to a higher level and bridge the gaps between cultures.

Both minister in the secular world by working in the public school systems. Every year they get to minister to a large number of youth on a daily basis. For them, it is a priviledge to have an opportunity to minister and be a light in the schools where young people are hurting. Many of the young people do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior or have not committed their lives to Christ.  In addition, many young people do not have the family structure where Christianity and education is valued. Therefore, there is a harvest in this field and they are willing to work there.